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Prototype N 2023 INDIE'D Demo

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What's New?!
This demo features more systems than levels. This time, only a boss fight is added. But there are many quality of life changes and a brand new Shop System (complete with a new shopkeeper character!), Inventory, Shields, a brand new menu and the Sound Test!


Destructive robots are running rampant across the world! Nadine, an incomplete prototype robot of unknown origin, fights to save the world while searching for her creator.


Prototype N is a side scrolling shooting platformer. Nadine, a prototype android, has a limited loadout of weapons. She must use them to get through many stages filled with tricky obstacles such as dangerous robotic foes, hazardous traps and more!

Nadine, equiped with her arm cannon, can shoot her way through the levels found in the game. While she is equipped with a little plasma shooter, there are several other weapons spread throughout the levels. Each have their own unique properities and interact with enemies and the environment in different ways. There are currently five types of special weapons in this demo.

New to the demo are Shields. The current demo only has 3 types of shields, Basic, Fire and Metal. Basic Shield protects you from up to two hits. Fire Shield protects you from fire projectiles from enemies and takes a hit from lava up to 4 times before wearing out. Metal Shield attracts items within a radius, it also protects you from spikes up to 4 times before wearing out. You can only find them from Shops.

Each level has several kind of collectables such as health pick ups, ammo refills, and Gems! Gems are this game's currency which you can use to buy Weapons and Shields in Shops found throughout the World Map. Currently, Shields are only found within Shops.

Another collection are DataChips, which are permnament collectables. Each stage has 3 of them to find while boss levels will reward you with one upon destroying the boss. Most Datachips contains data about enemies, locations, items and even characters. (Database feature not yet included.)


Species: Android
The main protagonist of this game. She is a prototype who does not know who built or and why. She sets off to an adventure when a robot army invades the island she resides in.

Species: Human
Age: 25
The shopkeeper and Nadine's closest friend. She, along with her sister, found Nadine in an inactive state on one fateful day. She is responsible for selling items that helps Nadine on her adventure. Clara sees Nadine as more than a friend.

Species: Human
Age: 21
The mechanic and Clara's younger sister. She played a vital role in restoring Nadine when they've found her. Her incredibly impressive knowledge on machines allows her to build weapons and shields, but they come at the cost of using the Gems Nadine fines across the levels. Her older sister, Clara, runs the shop for these inventions. She is a big fan of lesser known video games and even owns a plush of several characters from them. She does not appear in the demo but is mentioned by Clara every now and then.
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Re: Prototype N 2023 INDIE'D Demo

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Feedback form

Please answer a few questions from this form in order to give feedback to the developer about your experience and opinions with their game.

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