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Sonic Outbound

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 ! Message from: Project255
IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are interested in this project, you can help us by joining our Discord server. We need more level designers, spriters, and a animator for the cutscenes (to replace these sprite animations I made)


This game is set one year after Sonic Mania's bad ending where Robotnik had the Phantom Ruby and Chaos Emeralds in possession. After the final battle in the core of the Titanic Monarch, Robotnik was stuck in Little Planet and started collecting the Time Stones and preparing his greatest plan yet.
In the present, Sonic decided to invite Tails and Knuckles (but Knuckles rejects the invitation to guard the Master Emerald) to vacations on Heaven Shore, a pleasant beach he loves to relax in. Suddenly, Robotnik appears and attacks Sonic, but the second Sonic charges back, a fast creature flew into him. Meanwhile, Knuckles falls from the sky exhausted. Turns out this was Meta, a cybernetic fennec fox who is working for Robotnik. Meta had stolen the Master Emerald. Before leaving, Eggman shows the Time Stones, Phantom Ruby, and Chaos Emeralds he has in possession and leaves. Because of the scope of the problem, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles agreed to take separate paths. Soon, they will discover a third foe, Fang the Hunter, who works with Robotnik as a mercenary.

About the game

This demo will contain a playable Star Light and Sunset Park to play. It has four acts, four bosses. Sunset Park is reimagined in such a way it is accurate to the source material (abandoned amusement park), and still feel fresh, and Star Light was updated, because Act 1 had barely any badnik and Act 2 was cut short.

Plans for next demo

We plan to polish and replace every placeholder sprites, fix most bugs, and when this is done, we will make Heaven Shore. If we have time, we will make Techno Turret, or even Robotropolis, but we will see if we have time.

SonicOutbound (CGS'23).zip
(146.48 MiB) Downloaded 750 times
SonicOutbound (CGS'23).zip
(146.48 MiB) Downloaded 750 times

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Re: Sonic Outbound

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Feedback form

Please answer a few questions from this form in order to give feedback to the developer about your experience and opinions with their game.

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