Carlos Racing - Time Trial Build

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Carlos Racing - Time Trial Build

Post by Karushi »

Project Overview

Carlos Racing is a racing game heavily inspired by various racing games, especially Mario Kart and SRB2 Kart. This build comes with 4 tracks and a time trial mode which shows the basics of the project.
The tracks present in the build are:
Image Image

Image Image

The characters present in the build are:
Image Image

Download link: ... AFXon-Va6J

Screenshots and media!


Patch Notes:

Ver. 0.0:
  • Initial release.
Ver. 0.01:
  • Fixed sprite compression at different quality presets.
  • Changed the lava distance in N64 Bowser's Castle.
  • Glider movement more smooth.
  • The bounce against the wall was improved.
  • The drift values were increased to make it more closed.
  • Removed camera collision with solid objects.
  • Adjusted the camera offset to avoid angle errors in the driver sprites.
  • More animations were implemented for the kart.
  • Fixed wrong audio playing when reversing the kart.
  • Tire rotation when reversing was fixed.
  • The "hop" was implemented before start drifting.
  • More visual effects were implemented for the kart.
  • The audio system was redone to solve playback errors when having the "Unfocused Music" and "Unfocused SFX" disabled.
  • Now when accelerating and reversing at the same time you can change direction while static and accelerate slowly.
Programmer, Directed and Created By: Karushi
Sprite Artist: RemixeroArtz

  • CuteyHead
  • Facundo Gomez
  • Yonatankr
  • Tsuko_G
  • Herek Robotnik
  • Fabrirp

Special Thanks:
  • Miokai for the "N64 Bowser's Castle" custom track for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.
  • HourlyBoom79 for the "Sonic R Radiant Emerald" custom track for Mario Kart 8.

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Re: Carlos Racing - Time Trial Build

Post by Flapperultra »

I was meant to reply to this a few days ago but never got around to it. What I want to say now is that this project is awesome! The tracks have been ported well and the gameplay is excellent. The only minor gripe was that the drifting seemed too sharp, but I got used to it! Looking forward to seeing more and hopefully some AI to race against.

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